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Harding Waterfront Estate

We recently had the pleasure of shooting our good friends wedding at the Harding Waterfront Estate, an incredibly beautiful, timeless venue from The Pegasus Hospitality Group. We wanted to showcase a few images from this picture perfect day, as well as give some insight into why we think it’s a fantastic venue for your big up and coming wedding.



One thing that immediately stood out to Cassara and I was the effort that went in to making the couple feel like their wedding was that of royalty. As soon as the first course arrived, (first of 7, might I add), we noticed that each member of the wedding party had their own waiter or waitress; the plates appeared in front of them in perfect sync, resulting in a brilliantly delicious meal looking just as good as it tasted. Overall the level of service was impeccable, from the speed at which the food arrived to the mixologist knowing just about every alcoholic drink in existence. Needless to say, we were looking forward to dinner right from the start – and dinner did not disappoint. 

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As for the venue itself, stunning! A modern twist on a historical building, the Harding Waterfront Estate was the perfect venue for this outdoor Spring wedding. The beautiful venue combined with a spectacular catering service created a spectacular wedding. We absolutely cannot wait to come back here. 

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